Thursday, March 22, 2018

Post #2: - deconstruction

We moved the trailer in January 2018 to the spot were I could start to disassemble it. Because the weather was so warm for a January (32+) I bundled up and started the process of taking hundreds of photos so I knew how to reassemble the trailer. Part of the issue I had was that the previous, previous owner had glued and pin nailed blue flooring to the walls and ceiling and covered the seams with rope on the front half of the trailer. First thing I pulled off - she looked like a porcupine from the outside when I pulled off the skin. Took the skin off so I could see how much rot was visible and found out I'd have to do a frame up re-build because of the rot around the edges. And you would think from the look of the inside paneling from the outside, that it would be OK inside but it was all delaminated and nasty.

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