Thursday, March 22, 2018

Post #1 - Love

Blogging - a friend told me I should blog about my experience rebuilding my first vintage trailer (Kathy) but I put it off.  So now I'm going to blog about my second,  not so old, but still vintage trailer rebuild. (because Larry the Canned Ham trailer guy said too for insurance purposes and resell value).

If I make mistakes it's because this is my first attempt at blogging and I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

The 1966 Ideal I had to have because of the windows - I loved the windows. The fact that it had a silvery toaster shape was a selling factor too. I fell in love with the basic shape.

So here is the first of hundreds of photos of My Ideal Refuge...

Starting off as purchased from a young woman in Deer Park, Washington who had just sold her house and pretty much everything she owned was for sale so she could move on with her life. I did pay too much, but not as much as she originally wanted. And I wanted a project, and saw loads of potential in this beauty.

After you rebuild one old trailer it becomes addictive and you want to do it again.  I have friends that have many old beauties that they've re-done - kept or sold to I know this to be true.

This was the photo on the Craigslist advertisment...

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